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The Value of Google Result Positioning.

Get your business listed on Google First Page Organic results.

Online Marketing MiamiIf like millions of business owners, your web site is not generating the traffic that you hoped for, you need the services of Jump2First, a web marketing agency in the Fort Myers area.

Let's face it, most web sites only achieve poor search engine rankings or even no ranking at all on either Google, Yahoo or Bing. The reasons why your web site does not appear anywhere or does not attract qualified potential customers are simple:

1. Your web site is either not optimized at all or is as optimized as the next web site in your industry. Without the proper web marketing strategy in place, it causes Google to either not index your web pages at all or to index and rank them very poorly.

2. You are concentrating on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc...) and once again playing the same game as the next business owner in your industry. You will not attract your target audience by simply posting into cyberspace, irrelevant bites of information about your business, even if you do it everyday, several times a day. At Jump2First we thoroughly analyze your online market and competition and create the optimized content that your potential customers are looking for everyday, thousands of times on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. You are still running PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns that do not perform as expected, your CTR (Click-Thru-Ratio) and ROI (Return on Investment) are lowering to ridiculous numbers. That's the sad reality of PPC campaigns that have become way too competitive, hard to manage, too expensive and prone to increasing click frauds.

The SOLUTION lies in the proven organic 1st page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing and in the Jump2First web marketing services.

Do you think that 1st page rankings in major search engines are only reserved for the biggest names in your industry? Wrong!
Jump2First has a unique and proven way of creating and syndicating content that matches what your customers are looking for everyday online.

There is no substitute for appearing on the 1st page organic results of Google. It has for years been the goal of every serious and major companies in Fort Myers and all over the world. Well conceived and professional web marketing campaigns is what Jump2First provides everyday to many businesses in the Fort Myers area.

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A study by the Chitika networks shows that the top spot on Google in invaluable and generates 34% of the traffic for that page while the n.2 spot gets 16% of the traffic. Needless to say that being on Google's 2nd page or even worst, equals to your web site not getting any significant traffic at all.

Junp2First web marketing strategies will bring you tangible results that you can see for yourself. Already within the 1st month, you will see a significant increase in online traffic and 1st page Google rankings for very competitive keywords in your industry.

Our web marketing strategies have achieved outstanding results for 98% of our clients for hundreds of very competitive keywords throughout the Fort Myers and 33912 area.

If you are serious about growing your business and want more customers, you need highly targeted and optimized web marketing services in the Miami area by Jump2First.

See if your business qualifies for result driven web marketing strategies by calling 1-888-854-0444.

Jump2First offers web marketing services in the Miami area for businesses and professionals.

Whether you want to have a Fort Myers web marketing local campaign or wish to have a web marketing campaign beyond Fort Myers, FL 33912, call us today at 1-888-854-0444.


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